Northern Cape

The Northern Cape, South Africa’s largest province offers investment opportunities in mineral processing, argo-processing, fishing, mariculture and tourism.

Its geographical location makes it an asset when intending to service the western African markets.

The Northern Cape’s most important asset is the mighty Orange River, which provides a basis for healthy agriculture and an alluvial diamond industry. The region supplies most of the country’s iron ore production.

The Northern Cape’s diverse soil and climatic conditions make way for several development possibilities. Services related to the renewable energy industry in the province, namely, concentrated solar power and solar PV are fast-growing and highly sought.

Various agricultural developments including high value horticulture crops are available in the region- such as table grapes, wine grapes, sultanas and cereal crops. There remains significant development potential in aquaculture and the aquaculture development chain with abalone, hake and honekilp fish. The Northern Cape also intends on expanding its export-oriented kelp related activities.

De Aar seeks to develop a rail cargo hub and opens the Northern Cape to other opportunities, like the Upington Cargo and Electronics hub which the province hopes to actualise. The province also intends to further develop the Upington International airport and associated further opportunities with their Kimberly International airport.