Home of the Kruger National park, this iconic tourism destination is the pride of the province and South Africa. This is one of South Africa’s major tourist destinations and is a prelude to the wildlife and natural beauty of this region.

The 5 sectors that Mpumalanga has primed for profitable investments are mining, agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing and tourism.

Mpumalanga is one of the flagship provinces to spearhead South Africa’s transition to becoming a low carbon economy. The focus of the region is to develop and commercialise ‘cleaner’ coal technologies that have lower ash and sulphur. The vision extends to the application of new coal-fired electricity generation technologies – such as ultra-supercritical coal generation power plants. The plan includes the introduction of infrastructure as well as repurposing options for decommissioned Eskom power stations.

Mpumalanga has tourism development prospects that are to be leveraged. The functional precincts are Sabie, Graskop, Mbombela and Kruger National Park. These developments are anchored in the region’s natural resources.

This province has abundant mineral resources that support investment opportunities in mining development activities, including: coal, gold, platinum, chrome, zinc, cobalt, copper, iron and manganese. Mpumalanga also has metal fabrication activities including the production of stainless steel and ferro-alloys.