Gauteng is South Africa’s largest and most globally significant metropolitan economy. The region serves as the gateway to Africa, with a unique combination of highly developed first-world economic infrastructure with a vibrant emerging market economy.

Home of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Gauteng offers an investor-friendly environment with clear, consistent economic policies protecting the rights of investors.

The Gauteng Growth and Development Plan is aiming to turn Gauteng into a seamlessly integrated, globally competitive city region. These goals can be actualised with initiatives that foster economic transformation in spaces like the township economy and revitalisation thereof. The roll-out of the urban renewal programme presents attractive opportunities in social infrastructure development, maintenance and retail development.

The agricultural value chain within the region has vast potential- especially in regions like the West Rand, where large plots of land are available for various agricultural activities to take place. The West Rand also has an above-average amount of underground water available as well as good rainfall intensity.

Gauteng eagerly seeks to engage in projects that generate renewable energy to supply district municipalities. The region aims to develop and grow water resource risk management through green hydro energy capacity development and develop infrastructure for flood risk management. These service opportunities have been planned to be in partnership with the local government and are diverse in potential scope.