Eastern Cape

With a dynamic manufacturing sector, the Eastern Cape serves as a location that is proving to be an international asset. This province has been allocated two of South Africa’s five industrial development zones (IDZs) confirming the potential that is offered by the region.

The Eastern Cape boasts varied topographical and climatic conditions that contribute to a diverse agricultural offering and make for a superb tourist destination.

The Eastern Cape has the most livestock of all our 9 provinces which highlights export-oriented opportunities in agriculture (sheep and cattle farming) and agro-processing – leveraging off the proximity to the ports of East London and Port Elizabeth. From land to maritime activities, this region has a strategic focus to grow and develop renewable energy and other technology related to the development of the sector and the province at large.  This agricultural sector presents opportunities in meat production, wool and mohair, dairy farming, deciduous fruit production, citrus and forestry.

This region also boasts a lucrative automotive value chain made up of assembly and manufacturing of components, parts and accessories. This industry leverages the ports of COEGA SEZ and Port Elizabeth. The province’s automotive producers export just more than half of the motor vehicles produced in South Africa. To support the manufacturing, exports and general trade in the Eastern Cape, the transport and logistics sector in this province offers significant growth opportunities.

Titanium mining, a diamond beneficiation project, a manganese plant and related activities, have the potential to transform the provincial economy.